Below is a complete listing of each Block Captain and the area they are in charge of.  Also there is a .pdf of the below text if you wish to print the listing for yourself.  This listing has been updated on August 6, 2020.

Park Place

Block Captain Neighborhood Watch Program

  If you leave it, LOCK IT!  When you see it, REPORT IT!

           BC Team Leader: Joel Roth, 1984 E Lakeview Dr. 589-6894       Rev:  Aug. 13, 2021

           Advisory Board: Bill Bolt, Dave Daniels, Don Coons, Gary Argraves, Les Bell, Joe Ranucci & Joel Roth.

           Sponsors: Sgt Todd Finnegan, Sgt Steve Marcinik, Officer Don Hart, and Police Chief Dan Acosta

      Sebastian Police   911   or   Non-Emergency & Tips Line Call 589-5233 ext. 0

Complete listing of Block Captains by Neighborhood Watch Area & House Numbers


Updated BC Listings - 8/3/2022
This is a complete listing of all BC's, their neighborhood areas with street numbers, and contact info
Adobe Acrobat document [670.4 KB]
BCL With Street Address Numbers by Areas[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [570.5 KB]


Block Captain Program what it is and how we can serve you…daily.

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Block Captain Safety Info & Tips Pages.

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