Social Club of Park Place



SCOPP met Friday, November 20th to elect a new Board of Directors.  New officers are:

· Chairman...Barbara Lawson

· Co-Chairman...Susan Goodness

· Treasurer ..Eileen Nault

· Secretary. Lillian Massaro

· Director. Marie Quattrucci


Thank you to all who came and voted. We will work together to try to have some activities that will be safe but fun. If you have any ideas please feel free to contact anyone of us and let us know.


SCOPP belongs to all residents and we welcome your input.

(posted 11/29/2020)


Welcomes you to the Fun & Activities Center of the community!


         So, you are considering planning or hosting an event. There are several planning or procedures guides that SCOPP officers have developed over the years to help you decide about hosting an event. It’s fun and rewarding! You’ll get to know your friends and neighbors better and make a lot of new friends!

Plus, it’s easier to have a BIG community party at the clubhouse with all your volunteer help than to have it at home and do all the work. Pick an event, add your own special touches on the menu, on entertainment, or add some creative decorations.


A little history and some background info on SCOPP


     Purpose: The purpose of SCOPP is to plan and direct the running of social functions that will provide pleasant, enjoyable activities for those living in the Community.


     Funding: The organization operates in a not-for-profit mode. Its primary source of funds is each event attendee who pays his/her share of the cost of each event.  Extra money from events as well as money obtained from fundraisers, and other miscellaneous sources are to be used solely to offset the cost of future SCOPP events and purchase items that will enhance future SCOPP events. Profits can then be donated to the “Kitchen Angels “or to the charity of the event committee’s choice. This information MUST be posted at the time of ticket sales.


     Organization:  SCOPP members are all the residents who reside within the boundaries of Park Place. It is a social organization and there are no dues.


     Officers: There are six officers in the SCOPP Organization, they are; Chairperson, Co- Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and 2 Directors At Large.

Officers are elected annually to the SCOPP Board on a staggered basis for continuity from among interested residents. All residents are eligible to be officers with the exception of (1) board members of the Park Place Homeowners Association, or (2) employees of Sun Communities and their families.


     SCOPP Resident Meetings: These meetings are usually held by the elected officers on the third (3) Wednesday of the month. If it is necessary to reschedule a meeting, the SCOPP officers post the meeting date and time on the mailroom bulletin board no later than one week before the new date. At least two (2) officers must be present at each meeting. Monthly meetings are open to all Park Place residents.

 SCOPP Activities and Events Calendar for 2018 & early 2019.


    SCOPP Officers Meetings will be held generally early in the month to review the general operation of SCOPP, project accounting, the budget and calendar of upcoming events.  They will finalize additions or changes to the event schedule and work with an activity chairperson to make sure they have the proper support, enough volunteers, and funds to provide a successful and fun event for community residents.


    Volunteers:  There is no limit on the number of volunteers. Residents who are interested in helping should contact one of the Officers at either a monthly meeting or any time throughout the year. Resident volunteers or chairpersons from past events are needed to head-up all activities and are organized into committees for various purposes.


     Planning an event: SCOPP has a planner’s guide of procedures to assist the chairperson. Each event’s committee will select a theme, pick the date, determine the program, select a menu and plan the food with the kitchen manager, decide on music (live or recorded), prepare posters listing all event particulars the dates and times that tickets may be obtained, tickets, pricing, in general all the details to plan, arrange for food, beverages, music, dancing, and cleanup. SCOPP officers will assist with the planning as needed once a theme is established.

     Event Activities: If special activities other than dancing are planned, the Committee Chairperson will make certain that everything required is there when needed. This could include special preparation if the activity is a show with scenery and costumes.


     Decorations:  Inventory the stored decorations. Review listing of containers before purchasing new items Determine if additional or replacement items are needed.


     Ticket Sales: Only Park Place residents and their in-house guests will be permitted to purchase “fixed” tickets. Resident guests from outside the park may purchase tickets, but they will be on a standby basis until ticket sales close. Should the event reach capacity with Park Place residents, the outside guests will receive a refund. If seating is available, they will be able to attend.


   Clean-up: As with any exciting and fun party, the hall must be cleaned up and restored to the pre-party condition. The auditorium, clubhouse, kitchen and outside areas must be returned to original condition. Remove all decorations and posters. Store reusable decorations and unused supplies for use in future events.


SCOPP Overview 10/1/2018