Block Captain Program

       what it is and how we can serve you…daily.


First, a little background and the Challenge

Develop a volunteer resident program, supported by the Sebastian Police Department, to be vigilant and help protect the community from crime, educate residents of threats to their safety, financial scams and  health concerns.  This activity neighborhood watch program designed to help prevent serious issues through email, phone and personal ALERTS.

Block Captain Neighborhood Watch Program is born.

Over 8 years ago, your Park Place Community started a new program to protect residents and property from possible crime and to watch for unusual activity or inactivity that could mean something has happened to one of our neighbors. Our Block Captain program is guided by the Sebastian Police Department's Commander John Blackledge and Sgt. Steve Marcinik. Officer Jason Gillette is our direct liaison.  We communicate with them regularly receiving tips, alerts and education to help the program keep our Park Place community safe for all of us.

As always, call 911 in serious situations. The Sebastian Police are ready to respond and assist in all situations. They also have a non-emergency number, 589-5233 ext. 0,  to receive tips and general inquiries.

Mission Statement

Park Place has been divided into 33 areas each with a Block Captain and Co Block Captains to provide closer contact with everyone in the community.  The Block Captain & Co Captains keep watch of his/her area and check in on residents periodically, especially when there is inactivity or when something feels suspicious or “just doesn’t look right”.  Our goal is to help protect the safety of all residents through an active crime watch/prevention, notification of current scams and be alert for concerns affecting the health and well being of all our neighbors in the community.  But, only when our help is welcome and appreciated.


In special situations, the Block Captain may offer support and assist with some routine tasks for needy, home bound or handicapped residents like getting the mail, the paper, checking on grocery needs, or just stopping by to check in. This support will vary with each situation and depends on the residents need and desire to welcome support.


Special Program helpful tips and fliers on a variety of situations that are FREE are printable from this website. Of special interest are two FREE programs offered by the Sebastian Police Department; ‘House Watch’ to monitor homes while the resident is away for 2 weeks or for the entire summer, and RUOK? customized timed phone calls to check in on homebound residents.

Block Captain Safety Info & Tips Pages (Click Here)